Work or Play?

THIRDS is Syndicated ownership made easy!
Share the cost of owning assets through syndicated ownership


CASE STUDY: Commercial use.

Steve Saves $35,000

Steve is a plumber who uses a small excavator regularly but not every day. Once Steve understood the concept of Syndicated ownership here at THIRDS he sold his $50,000 machine and purcahsed a THIRD in a new machine for $15,000 putting $35,000 straight in his pocket and most importantly now the cost of rego, Insurance & storage is shared with his 2 other co-owners meaning Steve saves a further $2,780 per year.

  • Set Your location to search for Syndicated Products in your area

  • Choose the product you want to buy into.

  • Pay your third(Money sits in trust for up to 30 days until the 3 owners all sign off.

  • Complete your profile on THIRDS,We do ID checks, bank statements checks.

  • Sign your syndicate agreement

  • THIRDS Manage ongoing contract and syndicate management for you.

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